Special TV program for the new KOR movie ,beamed by Nihon TV
(for a present)
by a guest
28 Rouge no dengon Agua Shin Kimagure Orange Road A single CD of Theme song (= same to H.Tsuru's present) = "Day Dream" Interview to Agua /
Scene of giving a preview
in Yamaha Hale (in Ginza,Tokyo)/
on 7.Oct.
29 Omoigakenai Situation Hara Eriko Hikaru Two books (the scenario novel and
'animation comics'(= film book)
of this movie.)
Interview to Hara Eriko
30 Hawaiian Suspence Tsuru Hiromi Madoka A single CD(= same to Agua's) Interview to H.Tsuru
31 Hurricane ! Henshin-Syoujyo Akane Furuya Toru Kyosuke Two books(same to E.Hara's) Interview to T.Furuya

 1. Each OAV were shorten ones , to send out them(a shortened OAV and an interview ,and so on)
    in 30 minutes.(The ending was often cut. )
 2. Time : 5:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
 3. [Two books] will be on sale ,on 19.Nov. / publishing office : Ohmsya / sales agency : Syuueisya.
    The film book     : size A5 / 1,000 yen (yen = currency unit) / all page in color printing 
    The scenario book : size transformed B5  / 760 yen 

 If any request (for example , what s/he told in a interview) , send me your ones !! 

provided by
Itono Taisuke d125@ulis.ac.jp