My review on new KOR movie

Strange to say , despite of changing of the touch of pictures , quite smoothly I took [he/she] [whom I knew]. I rethinked and felt how much Kyosuke and Madoka love each other , and thought I will love this movie for long. 1. Women in swimsuit through Ojiichan(grandfather)'s field glasses. Kyosuike's grandparents appears in a room by a beach in Hawaii (in 1994) in first , and call elder Madoka to tell her younger Kyosuke's spirit is in your [time]. (= reminds her about the accident in 3 years ago. ) Next they appears in the hospital and become a commander to solve the problems from the earlier point of the story. 2. Akane doesn't appear at all. 3. Elder Kyosuke's spirit is called back from other space-time by younger Kyosuke in 1994. 4. On the first part of the movie, the scene is the very last part (around their making love) appears as younger Kyosuke's foresee dream. 5. Elder Madoka moves more active to solve the problem. 6. Elder Madoka meets with younger Kyosuke. [They are grown people.] It is what audiences have to know or notice. Madoka's voice (performed by Tsuru Hiromi) is aged a little, but it sound like a voice of woman in the middle of twenties. Considering elder? Madoka is 22 year old, her voice is a little older for Madoka's age. But still her whisper sounds very sexy. First elder Kyosuke's voice was recorded , and younger Kyosuke's voice is recorded in post-recording. (T.Furuya says.) Two voices was falsely similar .The difference is in the emotions comes through / with its sound. Elder Kyosuke has grown body and heart , Younger Kyosuke is the person who we knew. I felt 2 tender hearts performed by 1 person. This movie fully deals their [making love] as very important factor of their love. IT for Kyosuke. IT for Madoka. IT for them. I was ordered to face [what is IT for their love], without any lasciviousness when Kyosuke's tears of moving tricked down his cheek. After meeting again with Madoka in her room in the hotel , they and Kyosuke go to the pool in the hotel. Watching Kyosuke in water, Hikaru told Madoka how she loves Kyosuke still and is going to love him for good. Madoka smiles .... Their forever [Summer] comes again after rainy days !!