Shin-KOR Original Sound Track
Original Title Translated(non official)
3Omoide IMemory I
4Tohou ni kureteAt a loss
5Madobe karaFrom a window
6Doko ni iru-no...Where are you...
7Inserted song 'LOVE IS POWER'
performed by Aki Kudou
8Omoide IIMemory II
9Lounge I
10Lounge II
11Kousa-suru OmoiIntersecting Hearts
('Heart' is freely translation of 'Omoi'.It can be translated to "wish"/"desire"/ "love"/"emotion" ... Were it translated to 'Love' , it is also right because 'Love' they feel includes [to being "thoughtful" ] . They are very tender and thoughtful to each other. So I darely translated it in a such way , in spite of that 'Omoi' doesn't includes meaning of "thoughtful".)
12Kyousuke no Theme ITheme of Kyousuke I
13SaikaiMeeting again
14Inserted song 'DON'T BE AFRAID'
performed by Agua
15Isekai eno TobiraDoor to the other world.
16Anata ni koko ni ite-hoshii
I want you to being here
17Kyousuke no Theme II Theme of Kyousuke II
19Yorisou FutariBeing close togather
(Translating each word directly [being close togather / two person (<= calls Kyosuke and Madoka in mind)])
20Ima, soshite KorekaraNow, and Future
('Future' is a little freely translation. It also can be translated to "from now")
21Theme song 'DAY DREAM - Soba ni iruyo'Day Dream - I'm at your side