The prose normally translated

1. From hot days I spended with a passion 2. I was flicked into the interstice between two time. 3. I in the future for me in the past and 4. I from the past for me in the future 5. intersect each other in a valley of time-space. 6.7. Delicate triangle of plesant unbalance 7. had come to pieces , 8. and you are getting distant from me again. 9. Our summer have just started. The Number I added are correspond to each line in the prose. (The prose starts from upperlight and ends in the lower left.) 1. is ambiguous one , and I translated as 2.'s antecendent in former translation, because 1. is an noun phrase [the days] . 6. and 7. is to read in connected because 6. doesn't contain any verb. 1. passion/(with)/emotion/spended/hot/days 2. I/,/time/interstice/into/was flicked 3. past/from/see//future/of/I 4. future/from/see//past/of/I 5. time-space/of/valley//intersect 6. delicate//triangle/of 7. plesant/triangle/broken away/,/ (and) 8. (once) got nearer/you/,/again/got distant/ 9. our/summer/(is or have)/,/just/(have) started/(just)/ ... 9. contains two words which are to translated in [just] like meaning, but the former one isn't necessarily required.