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V2Denotes a V2 episode
Episode 1 - Brave New WorldV2
Kasuga and Ayukawa move to Butsumetsu University.

Episode 2 - New names, new facesV2
Kasuga and Ayukawa's first days of school. They meet the majority of the cast during this episode.

Episode 3 - Take me out to the ball gameV2
The first ball game of the year. Akane shows up afterwards.

Episode 4 - Hurricanes sometimes strike twiceV2
Akane uses all means at her disposal to chase Kimura away from Kasuga, with unexpected results

Episode 5 - Don't Drink the Water
Fujimoto throws a party for the tenants and their friends. Almost everyone drinks punch that Kasuga made, and then the party really takes off.

Episode 6 - Foul mouthed fowl
Kasamatsu leaves his foul-mouthed parrot with Kasuga. Kasuga and the parrot end up changing bodies.

Episode 7 - Mystery Gift
Everyone is having a surprise birthday party for Kimura. Akane offers to help Kasuga, and things backfire.

Episode 8 - A Day in the Life
Hayashibara plays tennis for the first time, Butsumetsu beats Keio in baseball and Ayukawa has her birthday.

Episode 9 - Girls' Night Out
The girls decide to get together for the evening. However, they end up getting mixed up with car thieves and have the most exciting night of their lives.

Episode 10 - Night of a Thousand Voices
The guys go camping, only to find out that the woods are haunted.

Episode 11 - Whose baby is it?
Kasuga believes that Kimura is pregnant and that he is the father.

Episode 12 - First date
Kimura and Hayashibara go out on a date, but it turns out that they are being followed...

Episode 13 - Calamity Kid
Kasuga promises to look after Eiji. However, Eiji runs off on Kasuga and Kasuga is forced to search for him.

Episode 14 - The Dangerous Blind Date
Saito goes plans to go on a date with a Chun-Li he met over the Net. "Instead", he runs into Yoko.

Episode 15 - Hayashibara Declares! Premonition of a Rival
Kasuga has a dream of Ayukawa declaring her love to a man in a white tuxedo. Kasuga assumes this man is Hayashibara and decides to follow them.

Episode 16 - Stage fright! Two presentations of confusion!
Both Kimura and Ikemoto have presentations to make. However, Kasuga gets them mixed up on the way back from the printer.

Episode 17 - Samurai Kyosuke; Madoka of the past!
Kasuga time-trips to medieval Japan. There he meets a ronin who looks just like Ayukawa.

Episode 18 - A Footnote in History
Continued from episode 17. Kasuga must foil Akumu's plot to kill the Shogun and Fujiwara.

Episode 19 - Unexpected date! The Jester and the Princess
Kasamatsu manages to get Kimura to go out on a date with him. However, he is unable to stop doing his practical jokes.

Episode 20 - Broken Heart to Dream
Yukari and Shu show up in town for a gig at the Club Noir. However, Yukari refuses to sing.

Episode 21 - The Stranger in No. 4
Hayashibara invites Ayukawa and Kasuga out for supper. However, Tanaka uses this opportunity to misdirect Kasuga as his first step towards winning Ayukawa.

Episode 22 - Hardball! For the pride of Seishun-kan!
Egami drafts the residents of the boarding house and their friends to defend his honor in an amateur baseball tournament against an old rival.

Episode 23 - The Mysterious Christmas Gift
Kasuga can't decide what to give Ayukawa for Christmas. However a mysterious stranger appears and gives him the perfect gift.

Episode 24 - Ano Hi Ni Kaerenai/I Can't Return to that Day
Kasuga and Ayukawa return to their home town to celebrate Shogatsu/New Years with the family. While they are home, they come face-to-face with Hikaru for the first time since the breakup.

Episode 25 - Power-switching pendant
The grandparents pay Kasuga a visit at his dorm room. As they are leaving, Grandpa accidentally leaves a magic pendant behind that Kasuga mistakenly gives to Kimura.

Episode 26 - All the World's a Stage
Akane rehearses, then performs her role in the school drama but calamities arise, forcing her to take a hard look at her choices in school and life.

Episode 27 - Three's a crowd
Ayukawa and Kasuga go out on a trip to the mountains, while Sakurai takes Kimura on a date. However, both couples end up bring along unexpected guests.

Episode 28 - Kasamatsu's Haunted House
Kasamatsu's grandfather leaves him a large sum of money. However, he must spend the night in the old family manor to collect.

Episode 29 - Friends and Remembrances
The new college semester begins with a reunion of old friends, new acquaintances, and a big surprise for Kasuga.

Episode 30 - Remember Me
Kasuga gets to spend one day with a long-lost relative.

Episode 31 - All That Jazz
Ayukawa takes the group out to listen to a jazz concert. As they enjoy the night, they each relate their story and their lives, hopes and dreams.

Episode 32 - The Proof
Kimura finds herself in a complicated situation, unsure of what to do, and asks for Ayukawa and Kasuga to help her.

Episode 33 - The Paper Chase
Kasuga is assigned to do a personal interview with Hayashibara. But when a mysterious letter suggests that Ayukawa might be having second thoughts about their relationship, he tries to find out who sent the letter.

Episode 34 - Keiko's Fairy Tale
When Eiji comes down with the flu, Kimura volunteers to babysit for him. To pass the time, Kimura spins a fairy tale, using her friends as the main characters.

Episode 35 - Keiko's Fairy Tale, Part 2
Kimura continues her fairy tale as the audience grows larger and larger.

Episode 36 - Topsy-turvy
Hayashibara, Kasuga, Ayukawa, Saito, Kasamatsu, and Oda go on a short vacation in Nikko. But when Kasuga tries to arrange a moment alone with Ayukawa, he gets more than he bargained for.

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